The look & feel of wood for a fraction of the price

Laminate flooring provides sophisticated style and durability, with the look and feel of real wood, for less. It's easy to install and very low maintenance, making it a great choice for any lifestyle and budget.

Kid-friendly and resilient, many people choose to go with laminate because of its versatility and the fact that it's virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Think you might hear a hollow sound when walking on it? Think again. Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years, and we invite you to test out some samples for yourself at our Upland showroom.  


Benefits of Laminate

  • Harder than wood
  • Less likely to dent
  • Waterproof options
  • Click-together installation
  • Ability to remove and replace planks                             

About Laminate

What is laminate flooring?

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate Floors are composed of several layers: a diamond-hardware surface, a printed design layer, an impact cushion sheet, recycled wood core, and a melamine-impregnated backing. This reliable construction gives customers the strength and durability needed for everyday wear and tear.


Laminate Composition

(1) Melamine Wearsurface with Aluminum Oxide
Second only to diamonds in hardness, Aluminum Oxide provides unsurpassed wear and stain resistance.

(2) Appearance
Low-luster wood grain textured surface for best long-term appearance.

(3) Design Surface
Advanced technology locks color deep inside the image fiber layer to create vivid patterns and hues

(4) Impact Cushion Sheet
Shock-absorbing layer provides protection against denting.

(5) T&G System
The Mega T&G (tongue-and-groove) System creates tight and strong seams between panels.

(6) The Core
A super-strong, high-density fiberboard that withstands indentations even from the heaviest piano. And, the core is environmentally friendly, made from recycled wood materials.

(7) Backing
A melamine-impregnated I-Beam Backing balances the construction and controls warping.

(8) Edges
Tongue-and-groove surface are impregnated with moisture sealant to protect against moisture penetration between the panels.